Know your Neighbour

Know your Neighbour

This month’s member Q&A features Lucy Harris. Lucy is a YMCA Club member and works as a Senior Trading Executive for a media agency in Central London.

We ask Lucy about what her fitness routine consisted of before joining Central YMCA

“I used to be a member in a nearby gym. My routine consisted of cardio exercises such as running, cross training and ab exercises.”

What motivated you to join YMCA Club in the first place?

“In terms of location, the gym is close to my workplace so that’s a win win in my book. I also wanted to improve my overall fitness and to tone my body.”

Do you have a regular weekly fitness routine?

“I work out between three to four times a week. On Monday I concentrate on weights. Tuesday my primary focus is cardio - running is a particular favourite of mine. Wednesday and Thursday its classes. Kettle bell and spin are always regulars on my weekly calendar.”

How has becoming a member at YMCA Club helped with your fitness targets and goals?

“I have noticed a big difference in terms of my fitness and strength. Having being shown the ways of varying my exercise routines - I see the visual benefits as well as the mental benefits”.

Do you have any set fitness goals?

“I’m currently trying to increase the amount that I can back squat. I started squatting 40kg – I’m now up to 80kg.”

How does improved fitness help in your everyday life?

“I feel better overall. After a workout in the early morning I feel so much more awake and alert. It's a great way to start the day and it means that you can carry out normal day to day tasks without feeling tired.”

Do you think that exercise has had an impact on your mental wellbeing?

“Yes definitely. Working out and fitness gives me a great sense of achievement. I feel so much more confident and I feel a lot happier within myself.”

Have you forged any new friendships since becoming a member at the Club?

“I met my gym partner at the YMCA. We now exercise together most of the time which is perfect. We keep each other motivated and encourage each other to keep going.”

What keeps you coming to the gym? Do you find it difficult finding the motivation?

“As I mentioned previously, having a fitness partner really helps. On that cold rainy morning when you don’t want to get out of bed, thinking of that other person waiting for you at the gym can give you that well needed push. There are also my personal body goals. I want to feel fitter, heathier and more fulfilled.”

What’s your favourite thing about the Club?

“The YMCA has great staff and trainers. This makes a big difference especially when it comes to classes for example. There are just so many to choose from.”

What makes YMCA Club different from other gyms?

“It’s very spacious. Other gyms can be quite small and cramped together. Having lots of extra rooms allows for more than one class to be going on at any one time. It’s perfect for everyone.”

What is your proudest fitness achievement?

“I’d have to say my proudest fitness achievement was squatting 80kg. It was a great accomplishment and I look forward to squatting more in the future.”

What is important to you?

“Family and friends are extremely important. I think you should enjoy life and make the most of it. Having a healthy lifestyle is important but everything in moderation is fine too. The odd piece of cake or bar of chocolate isn’t going to hurt.”

Now you know a bit more about Lucy. If you happen to see her around the Club, don't be afraid to say hello.

We would like to thank her for taking the time out to talk with us and wish her all the best.

You can contact Lucy via Facebook or @lucylulocket on Instagram.

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ymca | 13 May 2016