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Readers meet Terry! Terry is one of our many valued members here at the YMCA Club and we caught up with the 4 year veteran to get his thoughts and feelings on your Club. Terry first joined us to help combat his arthritis and has been here ever since, we delve into what makes him tick, which classes he enjoys the most and how being a member helps him to help us. Read on to learn more.

What motivated you to join YMCA Club?

I found out that I have arthritis in my left hip and aside from getting an operation or taking tablets there isn’t anything that can be done. I decided to start going to the gym to see if it would help and what a difference it makes! After each session or class I am virtually pain free. I can even run! You wouldn’t want me in your team though, I would come last but I find it amazing that if I keep moving the pain goes away but if I don’t go to the gym then the pain returns.

What’s your favourite class/activity at the gym?

Definitely Kettlebells, I find it is one of the best classes to keep my hip pain free. I also attend some of the Indoor Cycling classes and follow my own gym routine. I have also started running, and completed a couple of the YTris as well. These were a great test for me and really showed me how much exercise couple help me achieve even with my bad hip, not only did complete them, I didn’t come last!

What does a good week look like for you?

Monday for me, means going to Terri’s Indoor cycling class, which I love as it’s so energetic and fun. Tuesdays and Thursdays I follow my own routine in the gym, Wednesday is Kettlebells and Friday I train with one of the PTs Richard Allsop who has worked wonders on my hip, he helped get me running. I tend to get to the Club first thing in the morning or in the evening after work. My weekends are special and I spend them with my partner, taking walks in Richmond Park and the North Downs. When summer arrives (and it will) there will be nice BBQs and a glasses of wine to enjoy in the sunshine.

What fitness goals do you have and how has being a member at the Club helped with your fitness goals?

Having all the different classes and all the excellent equipment at the YMCA certainly makes me want to visit again and again. I have lost weight and feel more confident. My main goal is to avoid the hip operation! And I am certainly achieving that so far whilst enjoying feeling and looking good. Nick Owen (the resident nutritionist at YMCA Club) is very knowledgeable and certainly very inspirational. He has changed my perspective on what I eat and drink making me more conscious of what I put in my body. I now make my own breakfast smoothies and have cut down my sugar intake, amazingly I have not had a cold or the flu in 2 years.

How does improved fitness help you in everyday life, do you think exercise has an impact on you mentally e.g. confidence, alertness, stress, depression?

Yes 100%! I feel more confident and less stressed every day. Going to the gym in the morning sets me up right for the day and in the evening all the stresses that have built up melt away when I’m working out. It makes me feel good about myself, it is wonderful for pain relief and I actively enjoy getting into shape and slowly developing the body I want.

What keeps you motivated to workout at the Club?

Knowing I am achieving something keeps me positive and in the right frame of mind

What’s your favourite thing about the Club?

It has to be the instructors and their classes. I have never had a bad class in my 4 years at the YMCA. It is so great how each of the instructors have their own unique style when teaching. The Club is such a friendly and welcoming place with a great community atmosphere. The Club as has up-to-date equipment and a huge amount of space (which is rare for a gym in Central London), it even has a swimming pool that I occasionally use, but to be honest I am not a big swimmer!

How would you describe YMCA Club to a friend?

The friendliest gym in the world. It’s a non-threatening atmosphere where no one judges you and you can get on and do whatever you want with no pressure to do something you don’t want to.

What in your opinion differentiate YMCA Club from other gyms?

The friendliness of everyone. I did go to a different gym (big mistake) and it had such a bad atmosphere, unlike the YMCA Club which is a relaxing place to be with a great gym and easy to use equipment.

How does it make you feel that by being a member here you are helping others nationwide?

It’ a great feeling knowing that by being a member of the Club I am helping others and allowing the Central YMCA to help others, especially kids and young adults.

So now you know a bit more about Terry, if you see him around the Club don't be afraid to say hi. 

We would like to thank him for taking the time to talk with us and wish him all the best with his workout goals. Watch this space as next month we will bring the story of another memeber.


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ymca | 7 March 2016