Join my gym: Justin Cowling

Our members are the lifeblood of YMCA Club. Without their support, humour, friendliness and determination, our Club would not be what it is today. But what’s it like to be a member at YMCA Club? In the final instalment of our series of member stories, we hear from Justin Cowling who uses the Club to combat the stress of London life.

The hustle and bustle of working life in the city can be tough, but add a two-hour commute to a long, demanding day and stress levels can soar. Justin Cowling decided three years ago that joining YMCA Club would be the perfect antidote.

“I joined because it helps me manage my stress at work, and I make working out my number one priority,” Justin explains. “When I work out regularly I feel a lot sharper, I can work harder and I sleep better at night.”

Just moments away from his workplace, the 25-metre swimming pool first attracted Justin to YMCA Club above other gyms in the area. “I try to swim a mile every week, and the Club is so much bigger and has so much more to offer,” he says. “There are so many exercise classes and it’s also a very nice place.”

As well as swimming, the variety of group classes on offer – like Circuits, Spinning and Gliders – keeps Justin motivated. “The instructors are so friendly, and not all about their muscles and having a certain level of fitness,” he comments. “They know their stuff and there’s a great family feeling.”

Justin is now reaping the benefits of exercising regularly at YMCA Club… he even boasts being able to run up six flights of stairs! “At 46, I’m in the best shape of my life and fitter, stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been,” he says.

“The biggest change is in my mental health – positivity, patience and the ability to concentrate are huge differences. It’s all about being happy.”

ymca | 9 October 2014