Join my gym: Dan Knight

Join my gym: Dan Knight

Enjoy a unique insight into what it’s really like at YMCA Club by hearing from some of our wonderful Club members. Each had different motivations for joining but the one thing they all have in common is that once they joined, they didn’t want to leave! One such member, Dan Knight, has seen the Club evolve over more than a decade.  

Having always been into fitness and sports, whether playing football and rugby at school, running, or training for obstacle races, Daniel Knight knows a thing or two about exercise. He’s been to a few gyms in his time, too, before he joined YMCA Club 13 years ago.

“The gym has changed a lot over the years, but it has always been value for money,” he recalls. “That’s what motivated me to join – you get a lot of bang for your buck.”

For Daniel, value entails having a range of facilities to suit his many activity interests and fitness goals. “Here, you have the pool, cardio zone, lots of free weights, lots of circuit classes… you just don’t get those facilities in other gyms,” he says.

YMCA Club’s location in central London, just 10 minutes away from Daniel’s workplace, makes it convenient too. “There’s a great atmosphere, and the staff are always nice,” he comments. “Everyone comes here to work hard, but there’s no tension, it just feels relaxed. Overall, it’s a really great facility – an enjoyable place to work out.”Also important, adds Daniel, is the gym’s ability to evolve with the times and adapt to new fitness trends. “The place is always changing – it never stays still. Probably the best addition to the gym over the last couple of years has been the functional zone. Again, it’s very rare to get that facility anywhere in London.”

ymca | 9 July 2014