Health and fitness made easy at YMCA Club

Health and fitness made easy at YMCA Club

Health and fitness made easy at YMCA Club

• Do you sit still at a desk for the majority of your day?

• Do you find it difficult to find time to exercise?

• Do you struggle to prepare lunches ahead of time?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then it’s probably tricky for you to balance the demands of your job with a healthy lifestyle. As a result bad habits creep in, inactivity rules, and good moods can be as rare as a blue moon!

We have a new solution to help you break this cycle:

Introducing the F.L.O. Fast Lifestyle Overhaul

It’s a fast-acting health & well-being course, made up of 4 one-to-one 30 minute sessions featuring the combined knowledge and experience of four experts in Personal Training, Nutrition, Massage and Beauty Therapy.

We are running an exclusive introductory offer for YMCA Club members of £150 (normal F.L.O. price for non-members is £200). 

F.L.O. is specifically designed to stop you in your tracks, to give you an overhaul, and to get you back on track; feeling revitalised, reenergised and ‘in the know’ about what to do next to balance your busy schedule with a healthier lifestyle that works for you.

Your F.L.O Experts:

• Personal Trainer Rich Allsop

• Nutritionist Nick Owen

• Masseur David Matthews

• Beautician Lyn Montaque

What do you get?

• A re-energising calorie-burning circuit

• A full nutrition analysis

• A mini-facial

• A neck, shoulder and upper back massage

What do you learn?

• A handful of easy adjustments to destress your busy lifestyle.

• A bunch of great techniques to feel healthier, happier and more energised.

What happens afterwards?

• Take what you have learnt and continue the good work.

• Sign up for more sessions with any of the F.L.O. experts to continue learning.

• Have a free 30min consultation with Rich Allsop to discuss a more sustained and long-term fitness plan.


To register your interest click here.

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ymca | 1 December 2015