Have you become a Gym Zombie?

Have you become a Gym Zombie?

What to do if you discover you have become a Gym Zombie! 

BEWARE! Without a little planning, or a nudge towards the edge of your comfort zone, Gym Zombie-itis can suddenly descend to haunt even the most determined gym-goer.

Picture this: mindlessly going through the motions exercising on autopilot – feet on the treadmill but mind a million miles away. In this bite-sized post, personal trainer Rich Allsop shows us how to avoid falling into the guy zombie trap.

If you recognise any of the following symptoms, chances are, you’ve been zapped

•    You can't remember trying out a new piece of equipment or exercise.

•    Your gym sessions become easy and challenge-free 

•    You can't remember how many sessions it’s been since you last had a programme change.

•    You can't remember which days you've been to the gym this week BUT you definitely caught up with Corrie on the Cross Trainer.

•    Instead of lifting with intensity in the free weights room, you find yourself pondering the contents of your fridge and what to have for dinner.

The Gym Zombie-itis Cure: My Top 3 Easy-Fix Tips:

•    Look at the big picture! Go back to your reasons for exercising in the first place. Has this reason changed? Reassess your goals and create a meaningful plan to move forward. 

•    Be mindful in the gym, think through your exercises. Your workout should engage you and make you feel challenged and 'in the moment'. It’s a time to be present, to communicate with your body and to let it communicate with you: are you listening? 

•    Take some Personal Training.
    -    It's hard to push yourself. 
    -    It's hard to improve the exercises you are weakest on.
    -    It's hard to know how to mix things up.

So why not invest in some help from a Personal Trainer? You'll get expert help to steer clear from exercise autopilot.

Follow these tips and banish Gym Zombie-itis once and for all!

About the Author  

Rich Allsop is a YMCA Club Personal Trainer and to see the kind of success he can help you achieve visit his site www.richallsopfitness.co.uk

ymca | 8 October 2015