Three brand new studios on their way for 2020!

Image of what the new YMCA Club Cycle Studio might look like
NB. Please note the above photo is a conceptual image only and not the exact replica of what the new Cycle Studio will look like.

Following the recent YMCA Club members' survey, more than 500 of you responded! We've listened to your feedback and suggestions and we're taking action. We've decided to significantly invest in Club renovations, which will greatly improve your experience in 2020. Work has started and three brand new studios are coming your way in January... 

We want to improve your overall fitness journey. We want you to have a greater, fresher, more immersive experience in new, state-of-the-art surroundings.

So what spaces are changing?

The following spaces are currently being transformed and are therefore, out of action:

  • Exercise Studio 1 on Level -1 will become the new Yoga Studio.
  • The George Williams Room on Level -1 will become the new Cycle Studio.
  • The Mind Body Studio on Level -2 will become ‘The Box’ – a flexible High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) studio

These works will improve the overall air conditioning in the Club.

In the New Year, we’ll also begin refurbishing the toilets on Level -1 and installing a new disabled toilet next to the YMCA Club Café. This work will not disrupt our timetable.

Corridors leading to each of these new studios will have new accessible ramps installed to enable step free access.

The new Yoga Studio

The glass wall has been removed from the old Exercise Studio 1. New materials and electrics are ready to install:

The corridor leading to the new Yoga Studio has been boarded and soundproofed:

This new 35 person capacity stress free space has been designed to remove any distractions, enhance your focus and help you to relax.

This chilled studio will have earthy coloured walls, warm dimmable lighting and natural materials, which will be enhanced by a new sound system including upgraded instructor audio.

New classes including Barre and Warm Yoga, will feature in this space, complementing our existing Yoga, Pilates, Intrinity and ‘Legs, Bums and Tums’ classes. External dance class favourites, such as Salsa and K-Pop, will continue to stay in this studio at off-peak times.

The new Cycle Studio

The old George Williams Room has been stripped - all the old electrics and mirrors have gone. The corridor leading to the new Cycle Studio has been boarded up: 

This new 26 person capacity space will boast a cinematic screen, a sound reactive lighting system and a Bose sound system. Indoor cyclists will be wowed by incredible audio visual effects as they cycle through the jungle or race against aliens!

This studio will also house our popular freestyle classes where participants will be able to hear crystal clear instructions from their fitness instructor.

During off-peak times, members will also have the opportunity to attend virtual cycling classes, so they get great value for their membership.

In partnership with Myzone, two large screens either side of the studio will show participants’ heart rates and effort levels, which will better equip instructors to personally coach and challenge their riders.

‘The Box’

The old Mind Body Studio has been stripped of its electrics and one mirrored wall has gone.

The high level windows have been boarded up with soundproof panelling and the doors have been painted grey:

This new 40 person capacity space will become our signature group exercise studio with surround sound and reactive digital LED lighting. We are creating a darker environment, which will comprise of two feature walls, one mirrored wall and two Myzone screens, which will make this space THE destination for fitness enthusiasts.

As part of our new exercise offering, we’ll be adding Les Mills Body Pump, Combat, GRIT and Myzone Zone Match Circuits, alongside your old favourites, such as Sculpt, Zumba and Core Focus (abs).

This studio will still be used by our Children and Youth Programme and our Older Adults group during off-peak times.

How will this affect me?

As with any building work, there will be some level of disruption, which we will do our best to minimise. Come January though, our sleek, new, highly functional studios and additional exercise classes will be well worth the wait!

As a result of the works, please note that there will be more children and youth activities in the Main Sports Hall during this period.

Zumba and Cardio Kick will not be running throughout December, but they will resume in January. Cycling will carry on as normal.

For a full breakdown of all core classes and any room changes, please see new timetable here.


During renovation, the toilet facilities on Level -1 will be out of action. Please therefore use the changing room toilets on Level -3 during this period.

Our chosen contractors

Our main contractor, Bentley Rowe, are the people behind the world’s first ever immersive cycle spin studio within a public leisure centre!

Their first subcontractor is Global Audio Visual Solutions who are experts in sound, music and lighting for gyms.

Their second subcontractor is Premier Electrical Services, who are a multi-disciplined specialist mechanical and electrical contractor. 

Regular updates

To monitor progress of the works, please check our update board located in the YMCA Club Cafe.

Hot drinks on the house!

We accept that you may feel slightly inconvenienced by the upcoming changes, so as a good will gesture, we would like to offer our members free tea and filter coffee from the YMCA Club Cafe in December. In order to facilitate this and be kinder to the environment, please remember to bring your own cup!

We value your feedback

If you have any comments or concerns about the renovations or new studios, members of the Club Senior Management Team (Dan Lynn and John Blackburn) will be available in the YMCA Club Café to answer your questions on:

Mon 2nd December between midday and 2pm
Mon 9th December between 5.30pm and 7pm

You can also email your thoughts to or post your comments in our Comments Box located next to the update board in the Club Café.

Claire.Gilderson | 28 November 2019