Freshen things up with FLO

Freshen things up with FLO

So honestly, how's 2016 going for you? Are you on track to achieve all your New Year's resolutions? Are you exercising regularly AND eating well? Do you get enough 'me' time?

Chances are you've had some success with your exercise but combining it with the right nutrition has been a mystery or maybe eating healthy comes naturally but you’re bored silly of your exercise plan. One thing's for certain- finding extra 'me' time to relax and recharge just isn’t happening.

Perhaps you've plateaued? If so, you're at a critical stage, it's now that most exercise plans start to fail as boredom allows bad habits to creep back in.

But worry not! This is where FLO (Fast Lifestyle Overhaul) can help. We're a unique innovative team of 4 YMCA Club experts:

  • Rich Allsop (Personal Trainer)
  • Nick Owen (Nutrition)
  • Lyn Montaque (Beautician/Male Grooming)
  • David Matthews (Massage Therapist)

And we have combined our talents to give you a personalised lifestyle overhaul in the most efficient way. We'll freshen up your workout plan, help you prioritise the right nutrition for your training goals and show you how essential well-being, 'down time' and recovery is to every workout plan.

To help you think about whether a spring refresh from FLO is right for you, here are five tips to consider

1) Are you training with tunnel vision?

You might be doing really well with your exercise but your eating may not be supporting your training. Additionally, you may be really busy with work, fitting in exercise as and when you can, but you never make time for proper relaxation or 'me' time.

Don’t get caught up on just one area of your health and well-being. Eating well, relaxing & recovering and exercising are all equally important in a healthy balanced lifestyle.

2) Is your exercise plan still working?

Are you on exercise autopilot? Are you aware what your goal is? Are you making continual steady progress to that goal? Or are you simply going through the motions?

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same exercises over and over, but your body won’t keep improving or adapting if you don’t change the demands placed on it by trying something new. There is so much fantastic exercise equipment to work with at YMCA Club. Allow FLO to show you what’s right for you.

3) Are you eating to support the exercise you are doing?

If your goal is fat loss - are you eating enough to fuel your fat burning exercise AND your recovery? If your goal is muscle building - are you getting enough protein? Do you know how much that might be? And what about fats? Which fats are good and which are bad?

It's very common to look at exercise as a license to eat junk, but in reality you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. If you are going to so much effort to exercise regularly, don’t you think it’s worth it to follow just one or two healthier eating options to support your training rather than undermine it?

4) Are you getting enough R&R? 

Do you do enough in your down time to restore and replenish and put back into your body what life and exercise can take out? Do you even have a 'me' time regime or is it all work, work, work (and working out)?

Relaxation and Recovery are usually last thing on busy Londoners to-do lists (and the first to be forgotten about!). London life (Let alone effective and intense exercise) really takes it out of you. Your joints muscles and skin are the first places to show the sign of strains and tiredness.

5) How often do you try new things? 

When was the last time you tried something new at the YMCA? Do you always do the same thing week in week out?

FLO is a quick and easy way to find out what simple new actions you can gradually bring in to your life both at the YMCA and at home to freshen things up, find a more balanced WHOLE version of you and keep you making progress.

Great news: you can choose which 3 out of the 4 FLO experts you most need help and advice from.

That means you can choose 3 individual 30 minute sessions for just £150 or opt to see all 4 of us for £200. It totally depends on what you need help with most: exercise, nutrition, beauty/grooming or massage therapy. Visit and register your details and we'll get started helping you freshen up your workout and wellbeing plans for Spring/Summer.

But hurry places are limited. For more info on FLO check out the website or feel free to ask questions to Rich, Lyn, Nick or David when you see them around YMCA Club

ymca | 26 April 2016