Dance yourself fit!

Dance yourself fit!

Trained or untrained, we can all agree that a boogie every now and again is a lot of fun. That toe tapping urge to throw some shapes to your favourite album doesn’t have to stop in your bedroom or a nightclub – bring your dancing feet to the gym!

There are tons of options on our timetable for those of you who are looking to shake a leg; classes include Zumba, Aerodance, Belly Dance, Pure House and Ballet Conditioning. As a form of exercise, Dance has a multitude of health and fitness benefits. Using the whole body to create movement will work you aerobically and condition your body evenly as we do everything equally left and right. With a range of intensity and difficulty options you can work to your own level but still get a solid 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. Don’t worry if you feel a little un-coordinated at first, this will improve with regular practise as new neuro-pathways are created in the brain to help facilitate moving your arms, legs and hips at the same time. This will also enhance your balance, agility and general co-ordination in all aspects of your life! And my favourite reason to encourage members to get into the studio is happiness. Moving to the music is natural and fun, the release of endorphins will leave you feeling stress-free and refreshed. 

If you want to have all those benefits and also work a little harder, you can try one of these two fantastic classes:

Zumba Toning is the usual sassy Zumba dance workout with the introduction of dumbbells. It’s a more intense class with some body weight conditioning exercises added into the moves. Our Zumba toning is taught by the amazing Marilena on Wednesday lunch times from 13.00-13.45.

ABC (Aerobic Body Conditioning) is not for the faint hearted but it’s a great way to work hard and have fun. Aerobic choreography is taught within the hour class with a few sessions dedicated to Muscular Strength and Endurance exercises with body weight and dumbbells. The mix of choreography and legs and arms exercises make the class fly by and you will work harder. Mimi and Kate will be sharing this class through March and April on Monday nights from 18.15-19.15.

Ballet Fit 
Ballet fitness is booming at the moment with many famous faces endorsing Ballet Barre classes as the trendiest way to improve muscle tone, posture and flexibility. Step aside yoga – there’s a new holistic fitness class in town! Fear not if you didn’t make it past grade 2 or if you have never donned the baby pink ensemble – all our ballet fitness classes are tailored to all levels. By drawing from ballet technique we can create classes that work the whole body using the core principals such as turn out at the hips, excellent posture, and controlled movement. 
Performing long, sweeping movements with the limbs will lengthen muscles and improve flexibility while strengthening. The posture and rotation at the hips will add flexibility to the joints, freeing the legs and allowing for a tall straight spine. The constant need to draw in the abs for balance and control has massive benefits for your standing posture and with practise will improve it day to day. Finally, improving your co-ordination, calming the mind and engaging with the body are just a few of the mental positives to working with music and dance. 
We currently have two Ballet-based classes on the timetable so don’t be shy and pop on down. Pierpolo and Kate share the Monday evening Ballet Conditioning class from 19.15-20.15 and Marilena teaches the Total barre class on a Thursday lunch time from 13.00-13.45.

About the Author

Kate Lindley is a classically trained dancer who moved to London in 2011 to continue her training after gaining her BA (hons) Dance Degree. Performing with a variety of companies, her biggest achievement to date was dancing with the Royal Ballet at the Olympic closing ceremony. Moving into the fitness industry in 2013, Kate has brought her dance background with her and now works at the YMCA as a studio co-ordinator between ballet classes and rehearsals. 


ymca | 3 March 2015