Boxfit for women

With Rio 2016 now at an end for Olympians and the Paralympics about to get started, the GB team have performed at a much more ambitious level than we were ever expected to do, especially after hosting the games. It highlights how amazing we can be when we put our minds to it. Any benchmark is possible to overstep. I know I have been inspired, daydreaming of being at Tokyo 2020 (like I said – just a dream...).

During the games a two female athletes really stood out – Nicola Adams and Jade Jones. They have maintained the commitment of the hard training, inspiring many in London 2012 and continuing to make history by retaining their title.

There has always been a stigma associated with female competitors in boxing and martial arts. Some see it as unfeminine, 'ugly' or too aggressive for women. Not only do we hear this from men, but women too! If only they knew the truth about it. There's so much more behind the scenes you don't get to see, which could inspire women, of all ages. Training in padwork (martial arts training where your opponent, usually a trainer, wears protective pads) or Boxfit in fitness centres provide a great opportunity to get active and work towards the physical gains we are all striving to achieve in the gym. The benefits are plenty, which is I think everyone should get involved. Here's why.
Boxfit benefits

It's social

You get to pair up, work around the circuit and meet new people. Sometimes you don't want to train alone. This will add another level to your motivation.

You sweat!

You really do. The conditioning gains are great. You can't avoid the hard workout, you will start to notice the physical changes.

Getting motivated won't be a problem

The music motivates you for that last bit of effort. It takes your mind off the workout.

Keeps you on your toes

Why not learn a new skill? As well as challenging yourself physically, you're keeping yourself mentally alert.

It's strength training with a difference

If you want to challenge the upper body with some resistance, Boxfit is a fun alternative to weights.

Bust your stress

And that's what we all need after a hard day at work or college!

It compliments other training

Challenge the body in a new way, to avoid a training plateau.

The list could go on. Do any of these benefits relate to you?

Why not come give it a go?

Boxfit for women takes place every Monday from 6.30pm to 7.15pm in Studio 2. It will be a mixture of circuits and Padwork for all abilities. Whether you are beginner or the next Nicola Adams, come along.

I promise to make you sweat!

KT Horsley is the YMCA Club's Boxfit for Women teacher

ymca | 2 September 2016