Boost your wellbeing in six simple steps

Boost your wellbeing in six simple steps

When the monotony of the working week and the stressful daily commute clash loudly, and tip your stress levels even higher, it’s time to take a step back and breathe. Boost your wellbeing and positivity in six simple steps; balance your mind, body and emotions and bring yourself back to ‘you.’

Science and medicine agree that our physical and mental wellbeing are closely related; one affects the other if there’s a shift in the healthy balance. We understand that working, commuting and general living can bring stress to your mind and body. We want to encourage contentment, confidence, kindness, healthy self esteem and healthy relationships, and enjoyment of life. 

Daily top tips:

  • When going about your daily commute and the stress levels rise simply take a few deep breaths; inhale and exhale deeply for ten repetitions, focus on your chest rising and falling with each breath. 
  • Try mindfulness: be aware of the present moment, your thoughts and emotions of now. Most of us spend multiple hours of our day thinking or dwelling on the past (be it a few hours ago to days/months/years ago), or we place expectations and hopes into the future; we often think ‘if only I had X, I’d be happy.’ Try focusing on the present moment; it takes away some of the pressure we carry around with us. 
  • Be kind to others: Give up your seat on public transport to someone whose needs are obvious, or let someone go ahead of you in the queue; the smallest act of kindness counts, it gives you a feel-good feeling and the recipient feels good too.  
  • Boost your body with endorphins with some daily physical activity. From talking a walk outside during your lunch break, to having a refreshing swim in our impressive 25m, multi lane swimming pool or partaking in a lunchtime class at the gym, we offer multiple options check our timetable
  • Boost your brain power by learning new things; maintain healthy brain power by teaching yourself new things, or new ways of learning, for example, completing the crossword or Sudoku sections in your daily paper, learning how to fix your bike, learning a new language or instrument, or signing up for one of our Lifestyle courses. All of these will bring new confidence and give a sense of achievement. 
  • Learn the art of connecting with people; from work colleagues, neighbours, to friends and family - spend time in their company or pick up the phone and have a good ole natter. In today’s technology-led world, it can feel like we’ve lost that old-school approach to connecting with people and their lives. 

See the NHS link on achieving a balanced, mental wellbeing. 


ymca | 24 March 2015