Let's make Autumn Awesome! 4: Mobility

Our nutritionist Nick Owen concludes his Awesome Autumn blog series with a look at mobility.

This autumn we're looking at ways to get back on track with your fitness regime. As well as looking at how to upgrade your exercise and nutrition regimes, did you know that your mobility is also absolutely fundamental?

Making Autumn Awesome is not just about your hour in the gym, or what you eat for the other 23 hours a day, it's also about how you move – or don't move – throughout the course of the day.

Stop sitting

We are only just realising the detrimental impact of our western routine is having. Spending the majority of our time seated is not only negatively affecting our physical movement capabilities, but also being associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

I love this animation from Gizmodo and a great TED talk from Roger Frampton explaining this in more depth.

So, how about an autumn commitment to changing this too?

My colleague Chris Hallaways already has a solution to hand – and it's great! I have noticed a huge difference: My mobility is much improved and I am well on the way to getting that arse to grass.

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And finally

Here's to a great autumn – and starting 2017 without any need for those pesky New Year Resolutions.

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About the Author

Nick Owen is a qualified nutritional adviser and holds a Diploma in Non-Medical Nutritional Advice. Nick uses nutrition to support a wide variety of client goals. These include weight management, fat loss and muscle building, general health and well-being, improved energy levels, concentration and complexion. Nick’s approach is practical and realistic, starting with an analysis of current eating patterns and lifestyle, and then working over a series of consultations to support achievement of the desired goals.

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Joe | 3 October 2016