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At this time of year, we could all benefit from a little inspiration to keep going with our fitness goals! Where do you get yours from?

I keep learning new skills! Just like everyone else, I've always got half a mind to getting a little leaner or a bit stronger but what really gets me excited is finding new ways to move. Then I love to figure out the most natural, effective method to not only learn these new skills myself, but also to pass them on to my clients. Recently, I've been delving into gymnastic strength work, Balboa dancing and after a decade as a Cycling Coach, I've just become an Indoor Cycling Instructor, so am looking forward to playing some great tunes and giving my clients a great workout. Seeing their progress inspires me to keep learning and coming up with new ways to keep my clients motivated.

One month in, what are your top 3 tips for keeping on track with your New Year’s resolutions?

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Most goals can be broken down into smaller, more manageable chunks. So,

A: Be Specific. If you have a 6-month goal of dropping a jeans size or two, what single aspect of your current exercise programme, diet and work/life balance could you change that will have the biggest, immediate effect? How will this first week's goal differ from your 3-month goal?

B: Be accountable. Tell a friend, a partner or even better, a gym buddy what you want to achieve and by when. A little social expectation can work wonders in preventing you from falling off the wagon by the time February rolls around. You may even be able to persuade them to accompany you on your new resolution adventure!

C: Get educated. One of the biggest obstacles to changing your body, health or lifestyle is figuring out where on earth to start! Commit to an evening class, a weekend course or a block of sessions with a good Personal Trainer, where you can get regular, progressive help in tackling a health and fitness goal. One of the best bits of my job is knowing that by teaching my clients new skills, I've empowered them to go off and try things out for themselves.

What do you tell yourself, or what do you do to push yourself to exercise when you would rather not?

I've done it enough times to know how good I'll feel afterwards! But I help stave off boredom by experimenting with different types of training. That way, I never have to do the same training session twice if I don't feel like it and there's always something fresh and interesting to look forward to.

What are your top tips for aiming to feel good about yourself on a daily basis?

Book out a part of your day - even just 10 minutes is enough - where you take a breath and reflect on something good you've achieved that day. This might be in the form of a Thankfulness Journal, perhaps some meditation or simply crossing something off your To Do list.

What has your job taught you about yourself?

Many of my clients are highly successful in their respective fields, yet each of them have needed help in some aspect of their health and fitness. From this I take two things: First, when I don't know how to overcome a challenge, to be humble - and smart - enough to be able to ask for help from those more experienced and knowledgeable than me. And second, that no matter how weak I might be at something at first, consistent effort will always show an improvement.

What health and fitness app do you use to help you or your clients to keep on track?

Diaries - whether good old ink and paper or shiny tablet - are a fantastic way to track how you're improving by comparing your current performance with past efforts and discovering what types of exercise are most effective for you. For food, I often use MyFitnessPal with my clients, which is a great app for calculating both calorie intake, food quality and nutrient ratios.

What do you like best about your workspace and why?

Having worked in a number of gyms across London, from spit and sawdust iron clubs to sleek boutique PT studios, I've yet to find a space that's as friendly and welcoming as Central YMCA. Regular improvements to the space, such as the new functional zone, new equipment like the kettlebells, tyres and additional squat racks all make it a gym that rivals any other in Central London. But the decider for me is how friendly everyone is - both the staff and the members, which makes the YMCA not just a gym, but a community.

What do you love about your job?

I get to wear shorts all year round.

If you had a doppelganger living another life, in another world, what would his/her dream job be?

Elite cake taster.

I want to help you move - and feel - better. Curious?

Get in touch for a free consultation: sam.armour@armourvita.com

Or give me a call on 07966 069 129.



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ymca | 4 February 2016