Fitness advice from YMCA Club's David Warpas!

David Warpas YMCA Club Personal Trainer

Meet David Warpas. YMCA Club's Personal Trainer. 

David's  areas of expertise include fat loss, muscle gain, body weight exercises, nutrition advice.

David's classes at YMCA Club: 

Circuit training (Thursdays 6.15pm, Sundays 12.30pm)

Total abs: Saturdays 1.30pm

About David: As a highly skilled personal trainer with a proven track record for achieving results, David can help you to reach your specific fitness goals in a relatively short time. Training with David can help you get the body you always wanted, while also focusing on improving your overall health and wellbeing. For more info about David, visit the website. 

Read on to get motivated and inspired by this ex-dancer’s passion for helping others to achieve their goals.

1. Could you share your fitness New Year’s Resolution with us!?

My New Year`s resolution will involve putting on some muscles while trying to keep the same body fat percentage. That`s the biggest challenge for me this coming year.

2. What are your top 3 tips for keeping your New Year’s resolutions?

Stay focused and determined. Constantly remind yourself where you want to be and visualise yourself being a strong and healthy individual. Write down your New Year`s resolutions on piece of paper and keep it in your wallet.

3. What do you tell yourself, or what do you do to push yourself to exercise when you would rather not?

I always tell myself to never give up and keep pushing especially on days when I don`t feel like exercising. Music helps of course, to stay motivated but if I feel like my workout starts boring me, I just change it and make it more fun and interesting. I always try to have fun while exercising and there are lots of different exercises I can choose.

4. What are your top tips for aiming to feel good about yourself on a daily basis?

Always make sure you get enough sleep so that you can have lots of energy during a day. Eat small portions of healthy food every 2- 3 hours. Drink lots of water and avoid fizzy drinks at all cost.

5. What has your job taught you about yourself?

It has taught me to be more patient and also that everyone likes to be motivated in different ways.

6. What health and fitness app do you use to help you or your clients to keep on track?

I use the Gym Pro app to record workout progress. I also use an interval timer app for training such as high intensity or intervals.

7. What do you like best about your workspace and why?

l like the professionalism of staff members, their friendly approach and their willingness to help. I like that the workspace is always clean and it`s a pleasure to train clients here. The Club's equipment is top-class - the gym`s got everything I need.

8. What do you love about your job?

The biggest positive about my job is that I can help people discover that they can achieve things they previously thought were impossible. I love to motivate people and I like to see their positively surprised faces after achieving their goals.

9. If you had a doppelganger living another life, in another world, what would his dream job be?

I was a dancer for almost 11 years so I`m sure if I had a doppleganger, hw would be a professional dancer making a living from performing around the world and teaching other people.

You can book an appointment with David by: Email: Mobile: 07912509723 Website:


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ymca | 14 December 2015