Feeling tired? Take a nap!

Ever feel like kicking your shoes off and taking a nap under your desk at lunchtime? Well now you can! For the first time every Wednesday from 5th December, Exercise Studio 2 will be transformed into an oasis of calm from 1pm to -1.30pm. Candles, soft music and comfortable beds will await YMCA Club members – welcome to the new world of napping…

The YMCA Club recognises that busy Londoners are rushed off their feet and tired, particularly in the run up to Christmas. We all know the signs when we haven’t had enough sleep – feeling tired, irritable, headaches, stress, over emotional and a craving for chocolate or sugary drinks. Playing with our phones late into the night is a constant distraction. Throw in a couple of Christmas parties, a few more late nights and extra socialising, it’s no wonder that many of us aren’t getting the full eight hours this time of year.

London life

Already big in the city that never sleeps, will napping classes catch on in London like they have done in New York? Terri Siabi, the YMCA Club’s Programme and Events Manager, thinks they will:

“Like New York, London is fast paced with people rushing everywhere. The YMCA ethos is to balance mind, body and spirit, so we’re not just about ‘energy out’ (physical activity). We’re also about ‘energy in.’ The napping class will be a form of meditation to clear your mind. You will be able to focus on your breathing, completely relax and block out your worries. It’s a time to reset those batteries and be more functional afterwards.”

The YMCA Club’s Napping Classes have been specifically designed for Wednesdays. After a long Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle or a “hump day” according to Terri. A napping class midweek aims to ease you through the hardest part of the week.

Just bring yourself

Members just need to turn up in something comfortable like a hoodie or a cardigan and take their shoes off. Tranquil meditation music will be playing, like soft wildlife sounds to bring the outside in. The lights will be dimmed and clean eye masks will be provided to anyone who needs them. After 20 / 25 minutes, the class will be gently woken to do some stretching before returning to work. Members are recommended to take a shower if they’re sweaty or alternatively, they could go to a non-sweat class beforehand. They can have their lunch either before or after the class.

Sleep or eat?

Terri offers a final pearl of wisdom:

“If work outs are stressful, it might be because you haven’t allowed yourself enough time to recover. Sleep and recovery are vital for any work out. We need to refuel, re-hydrate and repair. Repair happens while we’re sleeping. We focus on exercise and nutrition a lot. We ask ourselves what are we eating? How many calories? but the question we should be asking is are we getting enough sleep? Drinking highly caffeinated drinks are not the answer. Getting enough sleep is.”

If you want to feel totally chilled in the middle of a hectic week, why not give napping a go? Look after yourself on the inside as well as the outside. Everyone welcome.

When?            Every Weds from 1pm to 1.30pm starting Weds 5th Dec

Where?           Exercise Studio 2 with the blue walls (-Level 2)

How much?    Free for members     

Claire.Gilderson | 30 November 2018