Summer session challenge events results

YMCA Club Summer challenges

This year's summer challenge was the most competitive yet with members battling it out in the gym, studio and pool challenges throughout the whole of June. With near Olympic precision our team have been poring over all of the times to check and double check the results. So without further ado the winners, in alphabetical order, of the summer challenge are:

  • Alex Rade
  • Ben Feridooni
  • Charles Baker
  • Chris Kilshaw
  • Chris Mariton
  • Claudia Murcardi
  • Dan Knight
  • David Lee
  • Domenico Diana
  • Douglas Birch
  • Emma Kent
  • Gary Kelly
  • Heike Grimm
  • Ian McKinnel
  • Jack Perkin
  • John Barron
  • John Hudson
  • Kristina Tubby
  • Louis Moreno
  • Mathew Ricahrds
  • Marion Macdonald
  • Natalia Hughes
  • Neil Urmatam
  • Nick Christodoulou
  • Nong Udyanin
  • Paul Scicluna
  • Philip France
  • Pouyan Salimia
  • Rebecca McMaster
  • Rebecca Price
  • Reka Martin
  • Ron Allen
  • Samuel Webb
  • Simon Richmond
  • Stephen Molyneaux
  • Suleban Elmi

Special mention should go to Charles Baker, Claudia Murcardi, Heike Grimm and Ron Allen who win a free MYZONE belt and to Mathew Richards, Natalia Huges and Suleban Elmi who win an extension to their memberships as well as two guest passes each. All of the remaining winners will also receive two guest passes each.

Congratulation to all the winner's and a massive thanks to everyone who took part.

ymca | 4 July 2014