Get ready for the Summer Challenges

Gym challenges at YMCA CLub

Come and join us this summer for the YMCA Club Summer Challenges! With a studio challenge, a gym challenge and a pool challenge you will be sure to have a very fit summer!

Studio Challenge - starts Mon 6 July

Complete as many classes as you can (excluding 15 min sessions) in 12 days and collect a stamp in your challenge card at the end of the class. First one to complete 24 stamps, wins!

Gym Challenge - starts Mon 20 July

Complete the circuit as many times as you can in 15 mins. Whoever does the most, wins!

The circuit includes:

  • Farmers Walk: shoulders back and down, maintain tall spine, arms fully extended.

    • Number of reps: 5 widths of a badminton court
    • Male: 2 x 26kg Female: 2 x 16kg
  • Bent Over Dumbbell Rows: Initiate bend through hips, body at approx. 45 degrees or greater. Row dumbbell in to end range, squeezing shoulder blades. Extend arms fully on the way out. 

    • Number of reps: 10
    • Male: 10kg Female: 8kg
  • Thrusters with VIPR: Start Vipr at shoulder level, hips bent and level with knees. Drive through hips, extending fully through hips and arms. Lower down through whole body and repeat.
    • Number of reps: 10
    • Male: 10kg Female: 8kg
  • Ab Smash: Start in a hip hinged position, body at least a 45 degree angle. Drive up through hips, extending fully. Initiating from hips, Slam medicine ball to floor. 

    • Number of reps: 10
    • Male: 12kg Female: 7kg
  • Burpees: Drop down to floor, extending legs to plank position. Hop knees in, close to chest.    Jump up, feet clearing the floor, clap at the top. 

    • Number of reps: 10
  • Glider Push: Crouch down, each hand on centre of glider. Keeping arms straight, push forward with legs, hips at approx. shoulder height

    • Number of reps: 5 widths of a badminton court

Pool challenge - starts Mon 27 July

How fast can you swim 1 mile? Whoever swims the fastest mile using a Swimtag, wins.

Collect your Swimtag at reception and register on prior to the event. If you have not used SWIMTAG before, please register today and join the competition (instructions below)

For more information please contact:


To inspire your summer training DnD have developed two free special workout podcasts which you can listen to here and here

ymca | 17 June 2015