Dare you take on the channel swim challenge?

Here at the YMCA Club, we are hosting a fantastic fundraising event for a worthy cause – to help people with spinal cord injury. Every eight hours someone is paralysed by spinal cord injury. It can happen to anyone at any time, and there is currently no cure. 

If you want to make a real difference to the lives of people with spinal injuries, why not try swimming the channel? The Aspire Channel Swim challenge involves swimming 22 miles in 12 weeks in our pool (1408 lengths) – the equivalent of swimming the channel – between 14th September to 7th December.

The challenge is open to everyone and every pound that we raise will help Aspire provide essential practical help to a spinal injured person, allowing them to live a more independent life. To take part, simply sign up on this link and then create your own JustGiving page to raise money.

You can do the challenge individually or as a team.  You can also log your distances on your individual challenge page and update it every time you swim further. This way, your friends and family can monitor your progress across the Channel to help keep you on track, and see how your fundraising is going!

We have also added the same challenge to SWIMTAG.  SWIMTAG is a wristband that logs your swims in our pool and shows how far, how fast and how efficiently you swim.  We have sent a challenge request to all SWIMTAG users and if they accept the challenge, SWIMTAG will not only log the swimmers’ distance across the channel but also locate them on the map.

If you accept the challenge and complete the channel distance, you will be in a chance of winning 1 month extension on your membership.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able say: “I swam the English Channel?” Let’s all sign up, take the plunge in the pool and raise money for this great cause.

ymca | 2 September 2015