Come to our new treadmill class

Come to our new treadmill class

There is no doubt about it, jogging and running are amongst the best forms of cardiovascular exercise. 

The health benefits speak for themselves. Running or jogging regularly can help:

  • increase bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis
  • strengthen and tone all the muscles, including the heart 
  • improve cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of heart disease
  • assist in improving body fat percentage 
  • improve circulation and aid towards increased lung capacity 
  • aid the digestive process
  • release endorphins in the brain to improve mood and reduce stress 
  • improve immune function
  • increase the range of motion in the joints.

But where should you do it, inside or outside? 

Treadmills are widely available at the gym and are ideal for exercising at a range of intensities. A much more comfortable option than running outside, once you are on the treadmill there are minimal external factors to interfere with your work-out. You don’t have to consider the weather, light levels or traffic, and treadmill running can be easier on the joints compared to the road, paths or grass as the treadmill is flat and you don’t have to fight against wind resistance. The motion of the treadmill belt assists with your rhythm and stride pattern, reducing the requirement to drive your weight forwards to cover ground. The treadmill also enables you to set a particular pace, and it can keep you going when your determination is waning.  

With all this in mind, Health and Fitness Advisor Anthony has designed and will be teaching an exciting new class especially for the YMCA Club. The class is 30 minutes long, and you will work at different intervals throughout.

Here is an example of a typical routine:

Warm up 
1 minute at steady walking pace 
30 seconds of power walking 
1 minute of hill power walking/running
30 seconds of hill running
1 minute at steady walking pace 
30 seconds of speed running 
1 minute of speed power walking

A great way to work out, you will be given pointers on correct technique and ways to improve your running and power walking during the class. 
The Treadmill class takes place every Friday at 1.15-1.45 on minus Level 3 by the TVs.

Come along and give it a go!


About the Author:

Anthony Bryan is a Health and Fitness Advisors at the YMCA Club, joining team a number of years ago as a volunteer. He has been trained by professional athletes in athletics, coming 4th in 100m and 200m Paralympics trials 2012. Currently ranking 19th and training for Rio 2016 Paralympics 1500m.

ymca | 10 March 2015