Three cheers for our volunteers!

Last week we held a special event for our Club volunteers – without whom we wouldn't be able to do so much good stuff! As well as being an opportunity to thank them for their hard work, we also handed out our volunteer members' awards. (By the way, if you took the time to vote for a volunteer, thank you for getting involved.)

Dan Lynn, the Club's General Manager, explains a bit more about what our volunteers get up to:

As well as our amazing team of staff, you may not know that your Club is run with the help of a wonderful team of over 200 volunteers who take on a variety of roles across our programmes. Without their invaluable contribution, our ability to improve the health and well-being of so many people would be dramatically reduced.

A few facts – over the last year, our volunteers:

  •     Designed over 2000 exercise programmes
  •     Taught 3600 group classes
  •     Supervised 140 crèche sessions
  •     Delivered 1,200 hours of complimentary therapies
  •     Served over 6000 cups of tea
  •     And much, much more!

We cannot thank them enough for what they do, the time and effort they give, and the hugely important role they play in what makes this place so special and unique."

ymca | 5 September 2016