Celebrating the cultural diversity of refugees at the Club

Celebrating the cultural diversity of refugees

Refugee Week is one of the UK’s largest festivals, celebrating the vast diversity of culture that refugees bring, and it’s coming up next week from the 19th-25th of June. In honour of this, on Saturday June 17th from 11am to 6pm we will be hosting a seven hour exercise challenge, open to both members and non-members. 
The challenge is free of charge (however all donations are welcome), and is to encourage the community to be fearless and try something new, as well as highlight why so many people within the UK and worldwide seek sanctuary in a country different from their own. 
The event will take place on the main sports hall floor and Exercise Studio 1,  and will feature taster sessions from every one of the classes on the timetable, from the animalistic Primal Patterns, to classic Ballet Barre or Zumba. The classes are 15 minute taster sessions meant to encourage both members and non-members to try out something new and have fun. 
This special week was created in 1998 as a response to the violence and negative misconceptions surrounding both refugees and asylum seekers. Through this weeklong festival, the talents and unique skills of refugees are showcased and brought better understanding to why these people flee their home countries.

It also brings light to quite a current issue and gives you the chance to contribute to a notable cause and bring a friend.  so they can be welcomed into a gym that is the embodiment of diversity, and the happy union of between different communities and highlights the beauty our differences can bring. We celebrate the diversity of our club and the vast walks of life of the people in our community. 

If you want to tackle the 24/7 challenge email the Club’s health and fitness programme manager Terri Snelling (terri.snelling@ymca.co.uk). 

ymca | 14 June 2017