August timetable reduction

Due to summer holidays and a lower member attendance we have reduced the timetable slightly throughout August.

All classes listed below will not be running in August but will return again in September.


  • Bike Off Team Cycle 13.20-13.50pm
  • Kettlebells 18.00-18.30pm
  • Core Ball Express 18.15-18.45pm


  • Primal Patterns 18.15-19.00pm
  • Octane X Circuit 18.00-18.30pm


  • Cycle Express 12.30-13.00pm
  • Kettlebells 13.00-13.30pm
  • Cycle Express 18.15-18.45pm
  • Kettlebell Express 18.45-19.15pm
  • Tai Chi 18.30-19.30pm
  • Advanced Tai Chi 19.30-20.30pm


  • HIIT Circuit 2:15-2:45pm
Joe | 4 August 2016