Des celebrates his 20 year anniversary working at the YMCA Club

Des then and now - 20 years at YMCA Club

Des took time out with Declan to discuss his memories over 20 years of working at YMCA Club.

What brought you to the Central YMCA Club to work and do you remember your interview?
I worked as bus conductor previously and wanted a career change.  There were five people on the interview panel and it was pretty nerve-wracking! 

How has the club changed over the years?  
The membership has definitely become a lot more diverse with people of all age ranges coming in now.   

Any memorable shifts over the years?
We have had countless floods in the clubs that have required evacuations.  Power failures as well and we had 6 streakers come into the club and run downstairs in the early years! Geoffrey Archer also visited the club and the next he was arrested which was memorable.    

What has kept you here for 20 years?  
Definitely the members!  

ymca | 29 September 2017