The Club offers more than just a gym

The Club offers more than just a gym

Flo is a unique collective of four YMCA experts Personal Trainer Rich Allsop Nutritionist Nick Owen,  Massage Therapist David Matthews and Beautician Lyn Montaque.

The wellbeing package gives clients a personalised, balanced wellbeing plan that covers all areas of exercise, nutrition, recovery and 'you time'. The package allows clients to get a 30-minute individual session with each expert.
“It's the most effective way to get four experts-worth of combined knowledge, in one place, for the best price.” - Lyn Montaque
1. How did you get together?
We came together to provide a practical package for new and established gym-goers who had either lost their lifestyle way, or needed a new “kick-up-the-bottom” and boost to their gym routine. We knew it would be a force to be reckoned with if we united our skills and experience and we realised that our different skills combined could be something that would benefit ambitious and time-poor Londoners.

2. The four of you have different backgrounds, so how do you combine and why is this good for your clients?
We meet regularly for Flo team huddles and group discussions about every new client before creating their personalised plan that combines all our expertise. We have a common goal of self-improvement for all and we agree that each client requires a variety of disciplines to live well.

3. What kind of mind/body benefits can a client expect to receive from their Flo experience?
Knowledge, motivation, better concentration, healthier eating and a greater mental and physical alertness.

4. Rich, what is your favourite piece of gym equipment?
It would have to be either the Kettlebell or the TRX. Between them, you can add so much variety to your training by focusing on strength, power, flexibility or core with a variety of intensity.

5. Nick, what is your go-to healthy snack and favourite meal?
Two or three free-range eggs on rye toast with a little grass-fed butter, accompanied by grilled or lightly fried tomatoes and mushrooms. I add some spinach leaves or watercress and season with some coarse ground pepper.

6. Lyn, what is your most-essential beauty product and routine?
My most essential beauty product is Vaseline. It’s a great all-rounder. It can be used to stop chafing and blisters, and is pure magic for dry lips, elbows, knees and feet. Try applying it at night and see how wonderful they feel in the morning. 

7. David, why is it important to have regular massage treatment?
We all suffer from bodily ailments from busy desk jobs - massage can alleviate these symptoms and can also help you become be more agile and mobile,. It also helps your mind and body relax.

8. So when a client buys a personalised wellbeing package from you, what can they expect to receive?
Clients first answer a simple questionnaire about their current health and fitness situation, so that we can get cracking on their plan straight away. When they come in for their sessions  we are ready to give the expert advice and tips that are tailored to them. After completing all four sessions each client gets a detailed summary document of all our recommendations.

We stay in touch and offer a follow up appointment to see how they are getting on.  

9. And what do Flo clients think of it so far?
They have found the sessions useful and the advice easy to implement. And pleasingly for us, they enjoyed that we are very passionate about our work and care greatly about their needs and delivering quality advice and service. They always want to come back!

"Before being contacted by the Flo team I was just doing my workouts and paying very little attention to my rest and recovery. After seeing the team I have taken on their advise and now feel more knowledgeable with how to look after my body for optimal performance and will definitely be seeing the team again. I would recommend the package to anyone!"
A. Sawyers 

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ymca | 2 March 2017