7 reasons why personal training might be a better fit for you than you think

Let me start by acknowledging that personal training is not everyone’s cup of tea - and it doesn’t have to be. However, there are a lot of common misconceptions about the role and value of a personal trainer.

Here are seven key reasons why personal training may actually suit you better than you think.

To build confidence

Does your stomach churn at the thought of entering the gym? Are you worried about people around you and what they may or may not be thinking? Do you dread the thought of entering the weights room for fear of encountering the stereotypical grunting  ‘alpha male’?

I can personally vouch for having converted many of my sceptical clients to not only breaking this common fear, but being able to proudly claim their rightful position to train in the weights room AND enjoy it.

There are many reasons why we feel low in confidence and motivation but your PT is in your corner to guide, support and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. 

Learn new skills / Try something new

Exercising on our own can often lead to us to make the wrong choices in terms of fitness routines. Your goals and needs, likes and dislikes, are taken into consideration to introduce you to methods of training that are new and effective for you.

We have a whole armoury of training techniques and exercises that can be fun and tailored for you. 

To achieve / Smash goals

Some people are great at self-motivating to achieve their own goals whilst others may need that extra bit of a push, guidance and motivation.

I have often had clients come in for a session after maybe having a bad day at work where they just don’t feel like training. It is a fantastic feeling to take a client from that state of mind at the beginning of a session to the end seeing them energised, motivated and with a sense of achievement. 

Weight management / Improve general health and wellbeing

There are many common misconceptions about weight management and fitness which are compounded by mixed messages in the industry.

This tends to lead individuals to ‘self-diagnosing’ and chasing after quick fix diets. This often can cause frustration and disillusionment to the point that people giving up trying.

Where does it go wrong?

Well, you are not being treated as a unique individual with a unique body shape, unique likes and dislikes, and unique motivators  to start with. Personal training is about taking your uniqueness and creating a bespoke plan that will work for you. It is also about regular reviews to ensure you are on track and making any necessary adaptions so you get the best results you can. 

To understand how to exercise safely and effectively

There are some fantastic resources for training on YouTube, Instagram and many fitness apps. The benefit of having these is undeniable, however, there is one fundamental flaw in relying on these, and that is feedback! A personal trainer is there to observe and teach you how to exercise safely and effectively to prevent injury. 

To get that extra 20% out of your training sessions

We all have our own battle when it comes to training between what we perceive we can do and what we can actually do. I do a lot of work with clients to shut down that inner voice that says “I can’t” to the actual action that says “I did it!”. We provide that voice of encouragement to help you tap into that extra boost of energy for a few extra reps. 

Better understand your body

Did you know that your personal trainer can also measure your body composition, blood pressure, heart-rate in addition to putting you through a range of fitness tests to see how your body responds to exercise? We can also conduct posture and flexibility analysis to ensure training is designed, where possible, to correct certain imbalances. 

There are many more reasons but these are the key seven that I have seen are often overlooked. 

If any of these reasons sound intriguing to you and you want to find out more, please drop me an email tino@constant-fitness.co.uk or call/text 07375316552.

ymca | 25 May 2018