5 tips to help you stay motivated

5 tips to stay motivated

You know exercise is good for you, doing it though is another thing.

To stick with an exercise routine, you need to get out there even when that little voice inside you says, "I'll do that tomorrow. Or the day after….maybe."

Motivation does that - but it's not about just ‘powering through’. Here’s five tips to help you stay on track and be motivated.

Change your perspective

Embrace the idea that exercise is about more than losing weight and changing physique. Exercise can help improve physical function, mental health and can help reduce risk of  diseases such as  diabetes and cancer. 

Think fun and variety

Variety is key to keep exercise fun and engaging. You should try a new group exercise class or round up some friends for a few sessions with a personal trainer. With so many exercise options at health clubs, there is some form of activity for everyone. An open mind and sense of adventure can keep you motivated and even looking forward to your next workout!

Set a goal

Setting SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) goals can help you focus and set a clear direction for what you intend to accomplish. ‘Getting in shape’ is vague compared to “I will jog Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 20 minutes before breakfast”. Those that write down goals and record their exercise do better with long-term behaviour change.

Schedule a regular workout time

One of the biggest excuses I hear from people about fitness is that they don’t have time. With a busy London life I have to schedule fitness into my life like a meeting - I put it in my diary weeks or sometimes months ahead and I make a pact with myself to never ever move it! No matter how busy life gets, I still go and I schedule everything else around it. I believe that when  you come back to your desk, you will be clearer and more focused as a result.

Reach out to others for support

Spending time with positive, hard-working co-workers and friends will make you want to follow their lead. If you see other people living healthfully, those actions could become habits for you, too. If you have someone helping you to stay consistent, it's a game-changer.

If you still looking for Motivation whether it’s to learn new skills, build lean muscle mass, or re-shape your body, we can turn your wishes into reality. It’s time to dream big. Drop me an email info@motivat-ed.com and join me for a taster session.

Edgaras Lindinas is our Weekend Fitness Manger

ymca | 8 March 2018