• Swimming pool

Our multi-lane 25m pool offers a fabulous opportunity for serious swimmers to beat the clock, recreational swimmers to rack up the mileage and beginners to build their confidence. Meanwhile, if you’re on the lookout for a place to relax and recuperate after your swim or gym workout, or following a stressful day at the office, our sauna and steam rooms offer the perfect haven.

To assist swimmers of all abilities, we have a team of outstanding instructors who are available to guide and enhance your performance. From advice on technique to personalised workouts, our instructors offer a professional and personal approach to achieving your goals. If you prefer swimming with others, then pop along to our friendly swimming club where you can train alongside other enthusiasts.

Swimfit and SWIMTAG

We offer two fantastic tools to aid your performance. Developed by the Amateur Swimming Association, Swimfit is a selection of ready-made programmes that provide structure and purpose to your swimming sessions. SWIMTAG is your perfect pool partner, allowing you to keep track of your efforts by providing you with a unique view of your swimming session. It breaks down each individual length and allows you to view your total distance, timings and calories burned.

Check out the pool timetable and/or the week overview to see what's happening and when.

Come along, dip your toe in the water with a free day pass and see what you think.